HarddBSOD on WIN2K3 while installing SQL2K5... OMGWTFBBQ! Photo by Adam Melanconrives are cheap nowadays, for sure, but what is suggested at the Microsoft newsgroups makes me sometimes want to go to Redmond and kick someones a**.

In a thread on whether the files and folders inside %windir%\$hf_mig$ can be deleted or not, the MVPs come up with the conclusion that a deletion would render a XP installation unable to perform further upgrades.

On my Win2k3 servers (~20) here at MUG each of those folders takes up roughly about 600MiB of diskspace (enough to fit a whole GNU/Debian installation by the way). While it would be easy to just add a new harddrive, it proves rather difficult to extend the filesystem without annoying downtime. Anyone saying "online-resizeable-filesystem"? Only available in Win2k8 or later.

So I'll continue to waste a total of 12GiB of diskspace and wait for the day the OS gets replaced by something sane.

End of daily rant!