Today I've released my templates which are used by myself at the Medical University of Graz to gather usage data of our Novell eDirectory deployment over SNMP.

SNMP access to internal statistics of eDirectory makes it possible to generate pretty graphs out of it and therefor I built a simple integration for Cacti. In fact it's just a bunch of XML files for cacti to make it aware of the OIDs necessary to address the appropriate values through SNMP plus it includes ready-to-use graph templates for all available eDirectory usage-data.

Instructions are provided inside the archive but installation and usage should be relatively self-explaining.

Novell eDirectory itself provides a service agent which integrates with net-snmp, thus my instructions are only valid for servers running GNU/Linux or any other UNIX derivates.

Download edirectory-0.1.tar.gz

Here's a sample screenshot showing the operations statistics for a relatively new server:

eDirectory Operations