As we had this wonderful experience of watching the sunset at the Cliffs Of Moher yesterday, we decided to visit them again today first by boat and then by walking along the cliff side. We took the first boat in Doolin pier heading to the cliffs. The view up to those towering walls of stone above one was impressive but the boat took a rather quick round, only approaching the northern part of the cliffs before returning to Doolin to pick up the next group of tourists. As it was 10:30 by now we decided that we could visit the Doolin caves before going back up the cliffs for a short walk.

The cave is just 3 kilometers outside of Doolin and is accessible through a modern building. There is a staircase going straight down before one can enter the first cave through a low-ceilinged tunnel. The famous stalactite is really impressive and can easily be watched from nearly every direction.

Once we were back at the Cliffs Of Moher it was about 12:30 and it was crowded, really crowded. There was an emigration of nations going on. From the visitors center we walked south alongside the cliffs but there were "traffic jams" at every narrow passage. And there were people with Flip-Flops walking less then a meter away from the abyss, and those kids with large earphones on ... crazy and crowded as I said.

Then we drove up to Galway through a typically Irish landscape. Once in Galway we found out at the tourist information that there was a Greyhound race to begin just a short walk away from the town center, so we headed there and left  four races later in a completely confused state of mind. We could not figure out how to read their programme and statistics about the partaking race dogs.

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