It's already late and I'm tired after today's trip, so I'll keep it short. We went to Dingle ... got screamed at by loads of little children during the boat trip to see the dolphin: "There he is!!!!" (while pointing at a bird swimming on the waves)

Dingle is okay if you are going there with your own family but for a young couple it's definitely a bit to much screaming, whining and pushing. The drive up to Connors Pass was a quite pleasant one. The scenic view up there is fantastic but heavy winds made it hard to stay out of the car for more than a few minutes. Our next stop was at the ferry across Shannon. We drove up to Doolin to get our luggage into our room at the B&B there and then left for the Cliffs Of Moher to see the sunset. Just look at the last pictures of this post, they were taken during the sunset (around 9pm). Tomorrow we will go and see the cliffs by boat and then visit the Doolin Cave. Our next B&B is in Galway and it's out last stop before returning to Dublin.

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