Time again for some lecture in Social Media and the infamous "Streisand Effect": This weeks newbie to lear the lesson is Polo Ralph Lauren, yes, the fashion label.

They sued the ISPs of several bloggers with a DMCA takedown notice because of a picture published on Photoshop Desasters which shows a model for Ralph Lauren which was obviously retouched to make her look like a skeleton with a pelvis smaller than her head!

And here comes the important lesson: Don't sue because of criticism (which in case wasn't even criticism, but just mocking the photo), it will only make your FAIL more popular (this one ranks no.1 in google news search for Ralph Lauren at the moment) and it only will give your trademark the ugly image of censorship.

Polo Ralph Lauren, you FAILED!

And donate food to your models in case that they are really that undernutritioned!