Just one day before the "IPv6 Expert Day" takes place at the Wifi Graz my network became IPv6-aware. This was achieved by signing up for an IPv6 tunnel from go6.net and redistributing the assigned subnet(/48) over OpenVPN. Each device which uses my OpenVPN server is now able to communicate through a globally assigned IPv6 address.

By now, firewall policy prohibits incoming connections over IPv6 into the VPN but I think I might lift those to allow VOIP and similar services to pass through.

The setup on my OpenVPN server was already in place and I only added the gw6c package from Debian Unstable, edited /etc/gw6c/gw6c.conf to authenticate as my user, and applied the following settings:


After starting the service /etc/init.d/gw6c an interface "ipv6" was created and a radvd instance was started which announces my now assigned subnet into the VPN on tap0. That's all!

The firewall is configured by shorewall6 which uses a different set of rules then the ones for IPv4 (due not the absence of NAT).

In addition to all this I duplicated my DNS zone fladi.at to ipv6.fladi.at. Therefor all hostnames from fladi.at are now also available through ipv6.fladi.at with their IPv6 adresses assigned. For example, this blog is now also available via http://www.ipv6.fladi.at/ but beware, this only works if one has IPv6 enabled internet!