Today's buzzword-bullshit-bingo-feature-f**kup-award goes to Zeus Webserver and the company behind it for their amazing comparison chart. Most of the features mentions on it are just made up ones consisting of buzzwords glued together.

The worst part of the comparison is their investigation into other competing webservers. The people at Zeus seem to have no knowledge about the currently most used webserver: Apache. Not only have they mixed together the 1.x and 2.x branches but they even try to tell us that almost all core modules of Apache have to be considered third-party (look out for the blue boxes). I wonder who is going to be convinced by all those obvious made-up features.

Seriously, mod_rewrite, mod_ldap, mod_ssl, mod_gnutls, mod_status, mod_deflate and all the others are not that much third-party than one could assume after skimming this chart. Almost all (big) distributions are packaging them with Apache2.

One funny bit was the "Referrer-based authentication" which only the Zeus Webserver offers! Woahhh, big security coming your way 'cause it is absolutely impossible to forge referrers!

curl -e "" ""

Oh and what the f**k is "XML support"?