FoswikiApproximately one month ago the TWiki project was forked due to bad blood between the community developers and the project management, triggered by trademark issues over The now newly forked project was named NextWiki at first and now became Foswiki which has been released as version 1.0.0 a few weeks ago.

As I was running a TWiki installation on the domain I was really eager to merge this one to the new Foswiki because I think it will evolve faster and in a better direction with most of the community developers now working on it.The merge itself was fairly easy: I did a complete backup of my TWiki installation and then cleared the whole virtual host from the Apache configuration and deployed a clean new Installation of Foswiki to this domain.

Installation of my plugins and extensions is now even easier than before because it can now be accomplished directly from within the configure script. After I had all my required plugins in place, I copied all the old Webs from my TWiki backup into the new Foswiki installation and they showed up without trouble.

Besides from some yet unsolved problems with LaTeX and some URF-8 conversions issues I quite happy with the first reelase of Foswiki. It is really worth the effort to do the switch from the old TWiki software.