datenflussFollowing the recent announcement of the child database in UK a lot of discussion has spawned here in Austria and Germany on how long it will take the ones responsible for this system to lose all their data.

The UK has become quite popular for forgetting USB-sticks with government data inside cabins or to sell unformatted hard-drives on Ebay. Their latest creation, the child protection database, will be a bit too large to fit on a single USB-stick so it is quite obvious that it has to be "forgotten" on one of this fancy new 1,5TB (or even 2TB, they are about to hit the market soon) hard-drives. Bets are still accepted on the manufacturer or the place where it will be found.

Another interesting fact about this database is the lack of data on childs from politicians and celebs. It seem to me that those childs are not worth being "protected". Or did somebody responsible for this database learn at least a little bit from the past british databases, lost all over their country?

I hope that our government here in Austria does not accidentially stumble across this idea. I'll really do my best to oppose such a development!