Since there is a lot of effort going on to help the Iranian protestors in publishing first-hand information from their country, several people outside of Iran have set up various proxies and tunnels to circumvent censorship.

Here is my own contribution to this: A anonymous SSH tunnel which provides access to both a TOR relay node (Socks5) and a HTTP proxy.

Protocol: SSH Server: Port: 22 Username: iran Password: iran

For OSX/Linux/BSD:

Make sure OpenSSH is installed and run in console: ssh -N -L 9100:localhost:9100 -L 3128:localhost:3128

For Windows:

Download the plink.exe program from the genuine source (RSA and DSA signatures also available there) or my mirror, save it either in C:\ or C:\Windows or any other folder on your hard-drive.

Run this in command prompt: plink -N -L 9100:localhost:9100 -L 3128:localhost:3128

On either platform you will get two tunnels after entering the password. You can access those tunnels through your local IP ( or localhost) on your machine.

Now configure your Browser to use localhost:3128 as a HTTP proxy or localhost:9100 as a TOR-Node.

SSH will encrypt all the traffic until it reaches my Server here in Austria (hosted on a university research network with plenty of uplink) from where your requests will be forwarded to their destination.

The Squid-Proxy-Server I'm running does not log any request nor does the firewall so anonymous traffic is guaranteed. The TOR-Node on my server also does not log anything by design.