Access Denied 2008A few weeks ago it was made aware of a project by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. They provided a platform to track and pinpoint Internet (only the WWW part to be precise) through volunteers who gather information around the globe. It's called the HerdictWeb.

I started to participate by installing their Mozilla Firefox Addon which enables a button to quickly report blocked sites in my browser. The addon gathers some information automatically like the current Internet provider and other information is provided by myself:  If I'm connected in my office or at home and which purpose the blocked site serves.

The results from around the world can be seen on their site, embedded in google maps, showing what pages are currently inaccessible form which country.

So far I've found no page that is actively blocked here in Austria (the one without the cangaroos) but Austrialia (with cangaroos) has been blocking access to wikileaks for their residents in the aftermath of the published ACMA list. With every user installing the addon and reporting inaccessible pages, the censorship-map gets better and more detailed. So please join the HerdictWeb!