There is a guy named Felix Stoffel somewhere in Switzerland who calls himself a "communications analysts" and now he released a press text on primes and their determinism. The headline sounds great:

Primes finally completely defined (translation by Google)

Pinheiros, Portugal Photo by mainblancheThe text is currently only available in German but after reading it, it turned out that he only reinvented the Sieve of Erathostenes, attributed to a ancient Greek mathematician who is never mentioned anywhere in the whole text. The first half of the press text tries to use complicated philosophical language and overly complex mathematical constructs to irritate the reader while the second part drifts off into babbling about ore harvest on the moon and quantum-gravity.

Dear Felix Stoffel, whatever a "Kommunikationsanalytiker" (ger. for communications analysts) is to you but if that's what their output is, selling ancient inventions as their own, I'll put your job title on my esoteric-wackos list, next to the Orgon-chamber-manufacturer.

Anyone who is really interested in primes and their nature should start at Wikipedia.

Update: According to his profile, the author of this press text owns a PhD degree from the Commonwealth Open University which is listed as an unaccredited school by government authorities and is suspected of being a degree-mill.