Over the last few days I was busy working at Custos, my own approach on the field of network and system monitoring. Using Python to write this piece of software I heavily relied on external modules, especially Celery, which itself has a lot of dependencies on other Python modules. To simplify the deployment of those modules I decided to start creating Debian packages for every Python package that I use in the process of development.

Namely the packages are:

Debian packages (.deb) of these Python modules can be found at my repository available at http://debian.fladi.at/. I will keep maintaining them there and I will look for Debian sponsorship for each package that is in actual production use by myself. Currently this would be the ones related to celery because it's one of the main packages for my Custos project. Instructions on how to use my repository can be found here: http://debian.fladi.at/README.html