Notebook HPYesterday I got the WWAN module for my HP 8530w notebook. As I'm running only Linux on this system I was curious if it would work out of the box for GNU/Debian/unstable/amd64.

The installation of the Hardware was easy, the box even included a small but handy screwdriver to open the cover on the bottom of the notebook.

Entering the BIOS and searching through the system information is found the module recognized and enabled. The frustration started when I booted Linux and found no trace of the device in the upper level system management tools.

A quick lsusb revealed that the kernel is at least aware of my module but it seems that no kernel-module feels of being in charge of this piece of hardware. After some investigation in the shipped manual I came up with two possible namings for the chip: "HP un2400" and "UNDP-1". The later seems to be manufactured by Qualcomm but even an extensive search on Google just brought me to a post in an Ubuntu related forum but with no working solution.

Seems like I have to wait for someone with better technical skill to enhance the existing kernel-modules (maybe usbserial.c and option.c?) and have a working WWAN on my notebook.

Here are some photos i took while putting the hardware in place.

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