Hetzner Marine Boat Sign Photo by Mr. 0Almost a month ago I moved my whole server infrastructure to the German hoster Hetzner. The former uni.fladi.at physical host has been replaced with a dedicated server located in their data center. The new hardware is more than 4 time more powerful than the old one an is now accompanied by a dynamic cloud computing back-end infrastructure which takes care of offloading backup&restore to Amazon S3 and computing tasks to Amazon EC2. The new host now resides at root.fladi.at (with a CNAME for uni.fladi.at).

For me the most interesting new feature provided by Hetzner is their ability to route native IPv6 subnets directly to my infrastructure. At the moment I've been assigned two /64 subnets where one is used for connecting the front-end host to the IPv6 Internet and the other is routed further into my VPN network to provide mobile hosts (like laptops and smartphones) with IPv6 connectivity. Thanks to the guys & girls at the Hetzner NOC for providing the second /64 subnet for free :-)

All in all I'm looking forward to a big improvement in availability and performance throughout all the Fladi.at services. Oh and Subversion repository hosting is bound to expire due to the slowly advancing migration to Git.