Woahhh, I'm really excited! I received my invitation email to Google Wave and I'm already signed up and taking a look at the frontend.

Google Wave fronend

By now I lack contacts to test drive some waves but I'm sure that there will be a few days. Besides that I was made aware of a project that aims to bring Waves to Python/Django: PyGoWave

Update: I received an other batch of invitations, 11 this time. I'll be giving them out to people leaving a comment on this post. In other news, Google opened their sandbox for federation. This means that our own servers should now be able to communicate with the Wave instance hosted by Google. Unfortunately I've found no way of signing up for the sandbox by now. If someone from the Lazyweb could shed some light on this issue? Locally at my own XMPP server everything works fine and I'm able to create waves and add participants, still the minimalistic console-frontend sucks.