Black hole SunFor the last month I was tinkering around with the latest release of Eclipse, Ganymede, in order to use it as my primary development tool. The operation system used was as always Debian/unstable on amd64 architecture. But at first it didn't look that promising to me: A lot of crashes and troubles paved the way while I was eagerly enhancing it with all the plugins I needed. On some occasions I wasn't even able to open a single file in the IDE.

Most of those crashes were segmentation faults (SIGSEGV) located somewhere in the JVM or in some external libaries ( for example).

Time has passed since then and now it seems that my configuration of Eclipse Ganymede is finally stable and useable. The whole configuration, which consists mostly of options for the vmargs command line switch can be found in my Wiki at the EclipseSettings topic. An excerpt of the plugins I am using can also be found there.