It's time again. Microsoft pushes forward to get his new (and flawed) "Office Open XML", short OOXML , approved as an industry standard by the ISO.

While the last attempt was spoiled due to heavy, and in my opinion amorally, lobbyism from Microsoft, buying votes and forcing partner company into the committees to get the necessary votes, they now try to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt across the members of the local ISO boards. Their claims target the need for several office formats to choose from eg. OOXML and ODF. It's unbelievable, that this argument is coming directly from the bowls of Redmond, as their current monopoly on office formats has earned them a f*cking huge load of profit. If ODF would not have been declared an ISO standard, Microsoft would never have cared to open up any of their office formats.

In order to stop Microsoft's attempt to elect a flawed format into an industry standard, i would like to direct you to the NO-OOXML petition which can be signed here: