After some initial trouble with my icecast relay I'm able to provide a stream mirror of the 25c3 lectures via This should give better latency and reliability to users connected close to the austrian ACOnet.

Update: As the 25c3 is over by now, the relays have been disabled again. I'm looking forward to 26c3 which I hope to be able to attend personally.

Setup for Icecast

<master-update-interval>1</master-update-interval> <relay> <server></server> <port>8000</port> <mount>/saal1.ogm</mount> <local-mount>/saal1.ogm</local-mount> </relay> <relay> <server></server> <port>8000</port> <mount>/saal2.ogm</mount> <local-mount>/saal2.ogm</local-mount> </relay> <relay> <server></server> <port>8000</port> <mount>/saal3.ogm</mount> <local-mount>/saal3.ogm</local-mount> </relay> <mount> <mount-name>/saal1.ogm</mount-name> <max-listeners>96</max-listeners> </mount> <mount> <mount-name>/saal2.ogm</mount-name> <max-listeners>96</max-listeners> </mount> <mount> <mount-name>/saal3.ogm</mount-name> <max-listeners>96</max-listeners> </mount>

Include this in your icecast.xml to relay the streams.